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As your therapist, I come alongside with curiosity and compassion to try to understand your suffering. Alleviating your suffering often means going deeper into your story, to identify and understand patterns of relating, loving, coping, adapting and navigating your world. And we go deeper still, to explore matters of the heart — your deep desires and struggles, your quest for identity, significance and purpose.

As we discover and access your resources and resilience, specifically as they relate to your Christian faith, we seek to undo the harmful patterns and tend to the wounds from the past that fuel some of your struggles. Together we seek to expand your God-given capacities to experience and express an abundant life. And throughout we re-author your story to be one of grace, hope and transformation.

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The mission of Heart Matters NYC Counseling is to provide excellent professional and Gospel-centered counseling to people of all walks of life with the goal of alleviating suffering, exploring matters of the heart and growing toward a life that is transformed from the inside out.


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Sobeyda Valle-Ellis, LCSW

31 W. 34th.Street, Suite 7024
New York, NY 10016


Email:  Heartmattersnyc@gmail.com


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