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    Candace is currently in a Master of Arts program for marriage and family therapy , MFT, at Touro University Worldwide. Her studies have focused on Multi cultural inclusion as well as forms of child play and art therapy. 

    Candace has experience working with children as well as with adults.  Her goal as a therapist is to create an empathic, and accepting safe space where her clients feel heard and understood.  

    Candace is born and raised in New York. She comes from a multicultural background with Native American roots. She is faith driven, heavily driven by God’s compassion and this is evident in her sessions. She serves her community with different acts of kindness from volunteer work, community service and by being an active member of her church. Her heart’s desire is to work with clients to love them up through the love of Christ. 

    Education: Candace is in a Master of Arts program for Marriage and Family Therapy, expected date of graduation May 2023.