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    Our Approach

    In our approach to therapy, we seek to establish a healing partnership with our clients from which to explore their pain, suffering and resilience. With compassionate care, we walk together through their losses, tragedies and traumas and seek to catalyze transformation. We help clients to draw upon their Christian faith as a vibrant power and resource for this transformation. Anchored in the AEDP approach to therapy, we are highly relational and grounded in attachment theory which promotes secure attachments within the client, between the client and therapist and the client and her intimate others.

    Life issues and struggles for which we provide therapy are anxiety, depression, betrayals, mid-life crises, OCD, life controlling habits, among others. We offer therapy for individuals, couples, families, groups. We also offer Family Reconciliation Intensives, groups and webinars and workshops on specific relationship/life topics.

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